I created this page for fans like me as a visual companion to the world of Robert Langdon. Langdon is the main character is a novel series by Dan Brown. I am a visual person and like to see the fabulous places, works of art and symbols that Dan Brown describes in his novels. This is not meant to be a spoiler and no plots are discussed.

Use the category menu to follow along as you read/listen through the story. Some chapters do not require visuals and they are not included in the list. START HERE

The location for the majority of the story in Origin is Spain. Bilbao, Barcelona, and Madrid are the focus. Other story lines take place in Budapest, Hungary. I included maps for reference.

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30 thoughts on “Home

  1. rux

    Hello. I really love the way you write. Thank you for your great review. After i found your book review i start to search and found the book on https://evocativebookreviews.com/book/1159708133/origin . Not sure if i can to leave a link(forgive me if not) . Now i almost finished the book and i I consider Origin is a awesome book and everyone should read it. Anyway i came back just to say that the book is fantastic and also your book review.

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  2. Rod Butler

    I have just started Origin and can’t put it down.
    I have read every other Dan Brown book with an iPad beside me to visually reference all the art and buildings and details mentioned.
    Congratulations on such a fabulous visual compendium. Thank you so much from Australia.

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    1. Alpana N B

      Excellent initiative!!! Now, reading a Dan Brown novel, has become all the more pleasant and fascinating. It was tedious to refer Google each time to get the visuals of art, symbols and places mentioned by the author. But when I accidentally stumbled upon this site, it was as if I came across an all-in-one online shopping site. In eager anticipation, to see the visual compilation of the next Dan Brown novel too.. Gratitude all the way from India..

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  3. Sham3oon

    Thumbs up!👍.. and many many thanks to you for this nice job. It helped me, and my friends ( all are fans of Dan Brown, and of course Mr.Langdon😉)
    We all encourage you to do the same for the other previous amazing adventures of R.Langdon. 🙏
    Greetings from Syria !!!

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  4. Bella

    Stumbled upon the website, and absolutely loved this. It made “living” the book, rather than just read it, much easier. I’d like to request that if you could do the same for other books of the Langdon series too. Thanks!

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  5. aosi Lei

    I come from China.I like this book very much especially the theme about science and religion.But as for the lack of cultural background in West,I think I did not understand the book properly.So l have known the web form an App in China,and I want to know more information.If I have the plaesure to gain the information,I will appreciate you very much.

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  6. Ray

    Thanks a lot for all visual references here! I knew there will be Brown’s fan who would create this, and yours is amazing. These pictures helped me a lot to imagine each scene and to appreciate value of art, architecture and many things included. Very helpful, totally. 🙂

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  7. aljawhara

    just finished the ORIGIN and I was trying to print some of the artwork mentioned in the book when I found your site, thank you sooo much for this amazing well done and organized site I’m truly thankful.
    Thank you all the way from Saudi Arabia to where ever you are 🌸

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  8. Sarah C

    Thank you so much, I too stumbled on this site as I was researching some of the book’s reference points. Origin came alive as soon as I found you-fabulous! Greetings from England to all you fellow Dan enthusiasts 🙂

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  9. tc

    As noted above, I also stumbled onto your site and am so thankful. I wish I had found you site while reading the book. I was googling constantly to find all the locations in Origin. I will be sure to come back to your site when I read another Dan Brown novel.

    Thanks so much!

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  10. Aniket

    This is really great work. I have always wanted to see the locations and arts in the Dan Brown novels. I wish i had found this earlier.
    I really appreciate what you did. Thank you.

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  11. Sunny

    I am fond of your books as well. I have read all of your books and your way of telling your story is extraordinary. Hope i can meet you someday and discuss about your way of conveying your story with genre of mystery and religion.
    I really admire your work. Thank you for all your books. I am just waiting for your new release.

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  12. Sami

    I have just started reading the book Origin, currently I am in chapter 6. I was researching some of the places and Arts mentioned in it and then somehow i was directed to this site. U did really a amazing job, now i am going to enjoy reading the book more. 😀

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  13. Vitória Regina

    Hey there! I’m Vitoria Regina from Brazil and I just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for creating this website to help us fans of Dan Brown’s novels. I’m a visual person just like you and I had always struggled to imagine the wonderful places and everything that appear in the books and than having to search for them and than getting back to the book like “oookay now I get it”. You know what I mean? Lol. While I was in the beginning of Origin I found your website and it was the best thing I could ask for while searching about the Guggenheim Museum! You are amazing, what you did is amazing and well thank you very much for everything!


  14. Anne

    Thank you for this site. I have felt exactly like you said in your “About”, one day I should travel to see the places Dan Brown mentions in his novels. Your collection of photos of various locations chapter wise gives a good support to a non native English speaker like me. Good work and thank you


  15. Chris Rigaux

    Wow this was the perfect find for me. Like you, dear Winston, I want to see all of Dan Brown’s buildings and sites as he describes them. This must have taken you a lot of work. Thank you from Easton, Maryland, USA.


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