Origin, Prologue

The prologue takes place at Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey near Barcelona, Spain

the Montserrat, SpainSantaMariadeMontserratAbbey.jpgOpen in Google Maps


4 thoughts on “Origin, Prologue

  1. Rory Walsh

    The book is fantastic, just what I needed to get my brain exercised. Good to see some of my own thoughts in print! Brilliant visual aid when reading the book, really felt like I was in those places. I was using Google for over 100 pages before I stumbled across this website, pity I didn’t find it from the start.


  2. Han Wenjie

    First of all. I would like to introduce myself. I am a freshman from China. And I am big fan of Dan Brown. Everytime when I read Dan’s book,especially the sections about Europe,l am despitely want to travel to there,meanwhile l can recall the places l used travel to wonderful. Thanks you a lot for doing this website.You do perfectly !Best wishes to you.

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  3. This guide has been a phenomenal aid to my reading experience. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for curating this collection. In some way, this website acted as my Winston that made my days easier and more pleasurable.
    As Edmond would say:
    Godspeed! ✨


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